Sonntag, Juni 19, 2011

SCR-300 Field Radio Operator

I nearly finished my first Field Radio Operator. Just need to dry brush him ;).
I think it's looking good for the first try.

Freitag, Juni 17, 2011


I made my own Version of the SCR-300 BackPack Field Radio System.
i used a small transistor and colored it. Then i took a lead from a cable as the antenna.
Need to make 3 more of them for my Radio Guys.

Here is a first Version

All Good things are 3

3 of my U.S. Paratroopers are nearly finished. Was much easier to paint then the first ones.
And now i think i got the trick with inking ;) Need to drybrush them a little for the finish.
Take a look...

WACO Glider

Mit next Project will be a Selfmade crashed WACO Glider CG-4A in 1:72 scale.
This could be used as a mission target, cover or just as nice decoration.
Hope this could be realized ;)

Great WACO linkcollection

Donnerstag, Juni 16, 2011

U.S. Paratroopers

Yesterday i bought a pack U.S. Paratroopers. I just got it cut from the Grid. Now i will paint them one by one :)

Mittwoch, Juni 15, 2011

Just Epic ...

i watched this Movie 3 Times. Insane!
But every Word is 2 much. Take a look

Cafe Part 3

My cafe looks now like a realy house. I coloured it with acryl color.
You can use it as a 1, 2 or 3 Floor House. 6 Windows on each floor (lowest 1 door 5 windows)

The Chimneys i are made with a kind of foam. I need to adjust the intersection to the roof.

.:let the Battle begin

Dienstag, Juni 14, 2011

Le Cafe

I made the next step in building my Cafe. Have a look ;)

Cafe de Normandie

I decided to build my own Version of the "Cafe de Normandie".
I took some cardboard and cut of the 3 Floors, so i can put figures in every floor.
after glueing them together (made a dumb mistake ;) ) i cut out the roof. for the roof i took smaller cardboard even for the chimneys.  i also made some surroundings for the door and the lower windows.
Tomorrrow i will make the first layer for the outer plaster.

.:Stay tuned ;)

The 4 Parts stacked together  and some figures 

House in 4 Parts. The one in the right upper Corner was a prototype for an other one ;)

Freitag, Juni 10, 2011

Walls Part 2

So i made a better pic with my Cam. It's a bit sharper then the last one.

Baut die Mauer auf

So ein schnelles Bild meiner 3 fertigen Mauerteile. Die Teile sind aus Gips und nachträglich Fugen rein gekratzt.

So a quick pic from 3 of my finished Wallparts. The Parts are made of plaster, and the Fugues are scratched afterwards.

Dienstag, Juni 07, 2011

M16 Halftrack Revell

Hab ein M16 Halftrack bei der Verwandschaft abstauben können. Ist leider 1:76 was aber kaum auffällt. Da es schon zusammen gebaut ist war die Lackierung aufwändiger. Den Schützen in der Flak konnte ich so leider nichtmehr bemalen. Aber egal hauptsache es "fährt".

Behind Omaha

Nachdem nun alle bemalt sind, hier die Bilder meiner ersten Einheiten