Donnerstag, März 15, 2012

Armor Division

Here are some Pics of my Tank and Artillerie Division. It's not much but it will grow up soon ;)

Dienstag, Oktober 11, 2011

Just WIP

Here are some WIP pictures from the stuff i bought. I based some infantry and build the Bishop and the Caliope (omg!!!).
The Bishop is a nice modell from Italeri. The Quality is real nice, even if i got a small gap in my front, but it was propably my fault ;). The Caliope is .... let's say... horrible. THe construction of the ROcketlauncher cost me many nerves ;)

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Sonntag, Oktober 02, 2011


The Reinforcement for my Army has arrived. But we still waiting for the M26 Pershing.
Here are some Pics off the new Troops:

Hasegawa Willys Jeep / 37mm Gun

Italeri Bishop Mk I

Airfix Sherman Caliope

Italeri U.S. Infantry

Donnerstag, September 08, 2011

Mother Green

I got some new Sherman Tanks from Italeri. the Same M4A3 75mm Modell i had before. When i get my Cam back i will post some new Pics.

Sonntag, August 28, 2011


I made a little Summerbreak in posting new things.
Time 2 Relax and so on :), so sry for that.

But i made some new Environment for the IM in Mainz. For our Testgame Battlefield we need a lot of "Decoration". so i started to build 2 fountains a small one, and a big one. I will post the Pictures in a couple of days.

And i build 2 new tanks, A Fast-Assembly-Set frm Italeri with 2 Sherman M4A3 75mm. But the Sun was to hard form them. They melted down to something i like to call "Banana-Sherman". The hole top chassis deformed.
I wrote Italeri an eMail about that but the have closed for holidays.
In a few days i will post some new Pics.

so far...

Sonntag, Juni 19, 2011

SCR-300 Field Radio Operator

I nearly finished my first Field Radio Operator. Just need to dry brush him ;).
I think it's looking good for the first try.

Freitag, Juni 17, 2011


I made my own Version of the SCR-300 BackPack Field Radio System.
i used a small transistor and colored it. Then i took a lead from a cable as the antenna.
Need to make 3 more of them for my Radio Guys.

Here is a first Version

All Good things are 3

3 of my U.S. Paratroopers are nearly finished. Was much easier to paint then the first ones.
And now i think i got the trick with inking ;) Need to drybrush them a little for the finish.
Take a look...

WACO Glider

Mit next Project will be a Selfmade crashed WACO Glider CG-4A in 1:72 scale.
This could be used as a mission target, cover or just as nice decoration.
Hope this could be realized ;)

Great WACO linkcollection

Donnerstag, Juni 16, 2011

U.S. Paratroopers

Yesterday i bought a pack U.S. Paratroopers. I just got it cut from the Grid. Now i will paint them one by one :)