Sonntag, August 28, 2011


I made a little Summerbreak in posting new things.
Time 2 Relax and so on :), so sry for that.

But i made some new Environment for the IM in Mainz. For our Testgame Battlefield we need a lot of "Decoration". so i started to build 2 fountains a small one, and a big one. I will post the Pictures in a couple of days.

And i build 2 new tanks, A Fast-Assembly-Set frm Italeri with 2 Sherman M4A3 75mm. But the Sun was to hard form them. They melted down to something i like to call "Banana-Sherman". The hole top chassis deformed.
I wrote Italeri an eMail about that but the have closed for holidays.
In a few days i will post some new Pics.

so far...

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